It's rewriting the rules on how you control your
shifting, dropper post and suspension lockout.

XShifter converts ANY bike to wireless shifting
in just a few minutes utilizing your existing drive train components.
Any derailleur, cassette or chain ring. Any manufacturer.

Fits all deadbolts
Fits all deadbolts


Powerful, lightning fast servo designed from the ground up to actuate bicycle derailleurs.

  • Compatible with any bike or derailleur.
  • Long life rechargeable and removable Battery
  • Convenient USB charging port
  • Accurate to +/- 0.01 millimeter
  • Typical rear shift time less than 200 milliseconds
Remote access


Unique Modular Mounting System.

  • Several size of E-Link mounting bracket for different frame tubes
  • Soft rubber grip to keep firmly in place and prevent scratching
  • Water bottle bracket to utilize your unused mount
  • Direct frame mount for custom and OEM builds
Fits all deadbolts


Configure to your riding style.

  • Different style of remote control for different bikes
  • Programmable buttons to configure to your riding style
  • 1 year battery life
  • E-Link low battery indicator
  • Incredibly lightweight
Remote access


Easily fine tune gears while riding.

  • Easy setup via mobile APP
  • Any gear combination 2 - 100 speeds
  • Tune and adjust your shifting
  • Can easily fine tune gear while riding
  • Advance shift tuning parameters never before possible
  • Update your ELink and Pod software


  • Wireless Technology

  • Fits Any Bike

  • Mobile App

  • Easy Installation

  • Fits Any Derailleur

  • Voice control

  • Affordable

  • Advanced Tuning Features

  • Convenient USB charging

It could be a great solution for folks with physical limitations, amputees and others that need alternatives to levers and twisters.

This system is surprisingly simple and claims gap accuracy of 10 microns, thanks to electronically controlled preset locations.

If you dream of having wireless shifting on your bike, but don't fancy shelling out thousands of pound on SRAM Red E tap or FSA WE groupsets, then we're sure you're going to want to take a look at this clever little device that converts any bike to wireless.

Most Innovative Cycling Product of 2016.

XSHIFTER could well be onto something big here. It's clear from the Kickstarter success alone that this system has impressed a lot of people. It seems like one of those ideas that you'd kick yourself for not coming up with.